Adam Banks


I’ve written so many words that it’s hard to keep track of where they all are, but you can definitely find some on Medium, where my very first post, a typographic whodunnit, hit the site’s top ten ranked stories. Also here is one of my favourite designer interviews, a collection of my editorials on tech and policy for MacUser, and the armchair investigation into TV Licensing that resulted in one of my oddest BBC interviews, as the late Steve Hewlett tried to avoid either saying on air that TV Licence detector vans were fake or laughing.

I wrote for Ars Technica UK (before they shut it down again) about Kodi and the copyright police, why Apple’s Swift Playgrounds is good but no HyperCard, and the strange things people believe about the law on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

For Alphr, I really, really tried to communicate with Siri (even I feel a pang of sympathy when I hear myself in the videos). They also have my final MacUser piece on the Twitter Joke Trial, which we covered from the start. The free speech angle feels a bit quaint now.

I tried to write my review of Brent Schlender’s Steve Jobs biography in a style so hyped that even El Reg wouldn’t feel the need to add any more screamers to it. Think I nailed it.

I’ve written on countless other tech law and policy issues, investigated copyright trolls and other scammers, reviewed hundreds of consumer tech and graphic design products, and written tutorials on all kinds of personal computing and creative topics. I’ll post more links here in due course, but if you’re wondering if I’ve written about something before or might be the right person to cover it, please do drop me a line and we’ll find out.